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Pricing Update

So far, every manufacturer we deal with, and even some we don’t , have announced major price increases for PTFE Tapes, Fabrics and Custom Belting, UHMW Tapes, Film Tapes and other high performance pressure sensistive tape products. This, of course, is in response to the raw materials shortages for PTFE and other fluoropolymer products. Some PTFE resin manufacturers are taking a hard line and placing their customers on purchasing limits with product allocation. Other manufacturers are warning of increasing delivery delays. And finally, there are manufacturers discouraging new business in an effort to protect their in-house inventories.

Here at Lanmar, while we’ve also instituted a price increase, we have significant in-house inventories enabling us to ship our tapes and fabrics same-day from stock. Custom Belting still takes a week or so to fabricate. And, we are certainly NOT discouraging any new business inquiries that may occur.

We’re just at the begninng of what looks like a long and uncertain journey through the ups and downs of product availablity and increasing prices. While we have no further price increases scheduled, some of our suppliers are suggesting more price instability by mid-summer. Please check with our Customer Service Department for current product price quotes and availability. As always, we sincerely appreciate your business and feedback.

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