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About Lanmar Inc.

Lanmar Inc. is a master distributor and converter of premium quality PTFE and High Performance products. Since 1977, Lanmar Inc. has provided specialty packaging products and services worldwide from our facility in Northbrook, Illinois, USA.

All tape and fabric products are custom slit to customer specifications at the time of order. Most orders are shipped from stock the same day the order is placed. All PTFE or Silicone custom belting is made to your order. We also feature a wide selection of non-PTFE specialty electrical and industrial pressure sensitive tapes, including Polyimide, U.H.M.W., Plasma Spray Masking, and Fiberglass Cloth. Our valued customers receive competitive pricing, prompt personal service, and technical assistance to help match the correct product to the application.

In addition to the premium products listed within this website, Lanmar Inc. can also supply a wide variety of high performance specialty products from a selection of quality domestic (USA) manufacturers. If there is a specialty tape or fabric product you need which is not listed in this website, please contact Lanmar Inc. Customer Service with your inquiry.

Lanmar Inc. innovation is an important aspect of our professional service. PTFE For Industry is what Lanmar Inc. is all about. We are specialists with these products and their applications. Often, we must think “outside of the box” together with our customers on special research and development projects. At Lanmar Inc., we will work closely with you towards modifying an existing Lanmar Inc. product, or developing a new product to meet your application requirements.


Martin J. JacobsMartin J. Jacobs

Lanmar Inc. was established in 1977 by Harvey A. Jacobs, an industrial packaging materials specialist. Since our humble beginnings in his home office, the foundation of Lanmar Inc.’s business has been our focus on PTFE and specialty tapes, PTFE Coated Fabrics, and custom PTFE or Silicone fabric belting. We are dedicated to providing consistent premium quality products and prompt service at a competitive price. We select only the highest quality items available to add to our product line. Lanmar Inc.’s extensive selection of specialty tapes, coated fabrics, and custom fabricated belting is outlined in detail within this comprehensive website. This Lanmar Inc. Product Website is a contemporary “working tool” for both purchasing and engineering professionals. We want to make sure the product you buy from Lanmar Inc. is the product you need. We are eager to discuss your applications and PTFE requirements. We know that Lanmar Inc. can become a superior source of supply for your company. We appreciate your consideration of our products.

Martin J. Jacobs,
Lanmar Inc.