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Another Price Change

As we indicated a few months ago when we alerted you of the current pricing crisis due to the continued shortage of PTFE resin, additional price increases were expected by mid-summer. Well, they’re here. Not all of the PTFE product manufacturers raise their prices at the same time. But, our primary high-quality vendor has just announced a increase which we must pass on.

As of July 15, 2011, orders placed for PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tapes, Fabrics and Belting, as well as some of our fiberglass fabric based specialty tapes, will see a 5% price increase. PTFE Film Tapes, UHMW Tapes, Polyimide Tapes, and PTFE Laminate tapes are not included in this price change. However, our vendors of those products may well decide to raise prices down the road.

The PTFE resin shortage continues to be fluid and has ongoing impact on the cost of the raw materials that go into the manufacture of our finished products. Please continue to check this blog for additional updates as they become available.

Lanmar continues to provide you with the best possible products along with our renowned prompt service at pricing that we hope remains competitive within these sensitive market fluctuations. Please contact us with your questions and comments. And, as always, please know that we truly appreciate your business.

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