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Growth & New Applications

Growth & New Applications

It’s always interesting to field calls for new applications for our products. This past year has seen an abundance of out-of-the-box applications that have used our PTFE Tapes and Fabrics. The common thread for all of these unusal applications center on the typical properties of PTFE products; high temperature tolerance, anti-stick and anti-friction properties, high flexibility, thermal conductivity, and resistance to chemical attack. The propreitary nature of many of these unique applications prevents further description. But, know that there’s a lot more to PTFE Tapes and Fabrics than just heat sealing. We appreciate stretching our application knowledge and enjoy the challenge of a non-standard application for our high performance PTFE products. Thinking out of the box is a healthy enterprise.

While the US economy continues to struggle to maintain a strong foothold on recovery, we have seen our own micro-economy improve with an uptick in sales and inquiries. I hope that your business is also showing signs of growth as well. Lanmar also has an additional voice of experience to help you with your PTFE needs, Logan Jacobs, VP. We are pleased to offer full customer service whenever called by existing or prospective customers. Please contact Logan here at Lanmar for any of your PTFE needs.

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